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How to Create an Invoice Online
Create an Invoice Online

Creating an invoice does not need to be complicated or frustrating. In fact, it should be something you can quickly do the moment a transaction is complete. It will take some initial effort on your part to set everything up in an online billing software program, so it is easier to use, but once that is done, actual creating an invoice online is a breeze.

Register with an Online Invoicing Company

The process starts by registering with an online invoicing company that has the products and services you need to manage your business. There are a variety of different types of providers online with their own list of service options, so it is crucial that you review all of your choices to ensure you select one that meets your businesses’ unique needs.

Add Your Client Information

The next step is creating a complete client database with address, contact names, payment terms, and any notes that are relevant to each particular client. The more details you put into it, the more valuable of a tool it will become. If you offer your sales team access to the client management portion of the system, they can use those details to generate new sales and increase your revenue. You can even request they update the client information to save your valuable time.

Enter Products and/or Services

Once your client information has been entered, the next step is to create lists of products and services that you plan on invoicing. Use a brief descriptive word or two that is attached to a more detail explanation of the charge. You can even assign an amount to each specific charge, if it is consistently sold at the same price. Don’t overcomplicate the description, so your client is clear on what each line on the invoice represents.

Enter Your Invoice

The more data that is entered into the online software in the beginning, the more useful it will be for invoicing, track clients vital information, and generating useful reports. After the information is entered in the system, you simply need to select the client and the services being invoiced and then enter the dollar amount (unless you have programmed it to fill in automatically). The online billing software will calculate all taxes and due dates for you.

Email it to the Client

Most online billing software also has the capability to email each invoice directly to the client the moment it is complete. This will save you the time, expense, and hassle of printing multiple copies and sending it out using traditional mail. Online billing software can also automatically send reminder and thank you notices to ensure your invoice is paid on time. Once you choose a pre-design template for your invoices, all the other forms and notices will have a coordinating appearance, so everything looks uniformed and professional.

There is no question that the old-fashion invoice process was complicated and time-consuming. Fortunately, that is not the only option anymore. Businesses can quickly create an invoice online and send it directly to the client with little effort or time involved.

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