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How to use online tools to improve your efficiency
Online Invoicing Software

Time is money and thanks to the internet there are countless new ways for your business to save on both. A company can save a significant amount by taking advantage of free or inexpensive services that are now available online.

Here are some of the current online trends that are enhancing the way small companies do business.

1. Take advantage of free marketing tools like social media

The majority of people in this world are online at one point or another during the day, which is exactly why social media marketing has become so popular, so fast. Having a reputable profile on Facebook or Twitter can spread word of your good service to an endless stream of potential customers with very little money or time on your part.

2. Use marketing automation to generate leads

Marketing automation is an automated program that qualifies leads and then segments those leads into groups based on their interests, demographics, and purchasing history. Once they are segmented, lead nurturing is done by sending relevant and informative information content to each lead segment, in the hopes of building trust and their future business. By using an automated system versus someone manually reviewing each lead, you will save a significant amount of time and money, plus you will improve your conversion rate by up to 50%.

3. Online cash flow management and invoicing services

Small businesses no longer need to hire a full time bookkeeper or purchase an expensive bookkeeping software program in order to keep track of their finances. There are affordable online services where they have pre-set templates that you can use to enter an invoice, email the invoice directly to the client, send a reminder notice, and then send a thank you letter once payment has been received. It will also keep your financial records up to date online, so you can access your cash flow statement or any other necessary report from anywhere that has internet service.

4. Use think free to save all documents online to access them anywhere

ThinkFree is an online service that provides a free web office suite with one GB of online storage. You can use a variety of devices to access and manage your stored documents hassle-free from anywhere in the world. This will give you increased flexibility, so you can work from any computer that has internet access.

5. Use Time Bridge to stay organized

TimeBridge is a new web application that makes it incredibly easy to schedule and conduct meetings. It also allows you to create agendas, take notes, and create follow up after the meeting is over. Since you are most likely working from your computer already, old fashion daily organizers and calendars are no longer necessary to keep track of everything.

These are the top five tools to improve the way you do business, but there are several more advance online tools that can with your efficiency at Top Online Tools to Improve Your Projects and Productivity. So many other great entrepreneurs just like you are constantly working on new ways to improve the way business is done. Reward them for their innovation, but taking advantage of their services and enhance the way you do business in the process.

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