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How Free Online Invoicing Saves Time, Money and Environment
Email Invoice and go green

There are so many benefits when it comes to trading in your old accounting software for free online invoicing. The old program was strictly tied to one desktop on one stationary computer that needed to be back up with both electronic copies and hard copies. It took time to sort through all the information to find what you needed when it really mattered.

Everything neatly organized in one place that can be accessible from anywhere!

Handling your invoicing online is so much more flexible and convenient. It is accessible from any computer with internet service. It will also be immediately updated the moment a new invoice is entered, so you can trust you are always viewing the most current data.

Helps the environment by making printing optional

Free online invoicing is also faster, more cost efficient, plus it reduces paper costs. Even more modern accounting software developed within the last decade still requires that you print several copies of every invoice you enter. You would need at least one for your records (usually two), plus a copy that would be mailed to the client. Online invoicing eliminates the need for these copies. You don’t even need to print copies of essential monthly and quarterly reports, since they can be easily referenced using the computer screen.

Free online invoicing allows you to manage your finances directly from any computer that is hooked up to the internet, so the need for printing hardcopies is completely optional. Invoices can be entered into the system and then emailed in minutes without ever having to hit print. They also usually have the ability to send reminder notices or thank you notices directly to the client’s inbox, furthering reducing the need for paper copies.

Saves time since everything is quick and convenient

These invoicing programs also save all of your information online, so any invoice or report can be instantly accessed whenever it is needed. You won’t even need to keep physical copies in your files, since you can quickly reference the electronic copies using your computer screen. This is one of the reason it is such a convenient and environmental friendly way to manage your finances.

These free invoicing billing software programs also save you time since the entry process only involves selecting from toolbars and entering prices. Once the initial setup is done (entering client/vendor information and product details), all you need to do is selecting their name and enter the prices. All of the formatting and calculations will be done automatically.

Saves the cost of a salary plus benefits for a full-time bookkeeper

If you choose to go with the free basic package, you are also saving money since you won’t have to pay a bookkeeper to manage your finances. Doing the entry yourself won’t take a significant amount of time and then you will only need to budget for an accountant at tax time.

Free online invoicing is a great way to give your business a competitive advantage in today’s tough economy. It will help you save time, money, and even the environment. Those are three things your company should be striving to do anyways.

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