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Financial software packages include invoicing options

How do you decide on what type of invoicing system you need? There are many factors to consider when deciding on an invoicing system. Who will be responsible for the invoicing? If you are a small business, a consultant or a one person company you will likely be the one doing the invoicing.  Will you buy an invoice book and scribble up an invoice – depends on the type of business you run and the level of professionalism you require.

What is your level of computer skill or the level of computer skill for the person responsible for the invoices?  If you prefer a computer generated invoice over a hand scribbled invoice you need to consider what your level of computer literacy is.  Creating invoices requires more skill than entering numbers into a template.  Once you create an invoice how do you save & file it?  Do you understand how to file documents in a computer system?  Understanding how to file documents is one of the first lessons they teach in a computer class.  Without understanding how computers file you will likely create an invoice that gets filed where you will never find it.

Invoices can be created using a spreadsheet or a word document program if you know how to use these types of software in addition to understanding how to file your documents once completed.

Financial software packages include invoicing options.  You can create invoices, set up clients, run reports etc.  Financial Software packages must be installed and set up to perform these functions.  If you do not have the skills to set up a system you can hire someone to set up your package and train you how to use it.  Ensure they teach you how to back your system up should your system crash and you lose all your data.

Depending on what type of invoicing you require and your computer skill there are other options besides financial software packages and spreadsheet and word document programs.  An online invoicing system is a system that requires less computerized training and looks after the filing system for you.  Because the system is already set up there is no installation or backup system required.  Generally signing up and data entry are the only requirements for an online invoicing system.

If you require an invoicing system or your computer skills are questionable an online invoicing system is the perfect solution for you.  Take the Start Invoicing Tour to find out how you can start creating invoices now.

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