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The importance of efficient invoicing!
The faster you can get the invoice to the client, then the sooner you will most likely be paid

Your business cannot afford to waste time waiting for receivables to be paid. There are bills to pay and daily expenses that can add up quickly if there is no cash coming in.

It only makes sense that the faster you can get the invoice to the client, then the sooner you will most likely be paid. To effectively manage your cash flow you will need an invoicing process in place where you can quickly enter the specific job details and then hit send. There are many online invoicing programs that will ensure the invoices are emailed directly to the client and most of them usually offer follow-up notices done on a regular basis to gently remind the client of the outstanding amount.

There should never be any guessing involved when it comes to whether or not your client has received their invoice. There are online invoicing programs available that will send the invoice directly to your client and then send you a notice confirming that the client has receive and approve the bill. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your client is aware of the debt and that payment will soon follow.

You can’t afford to sit back and simply wait to be paid. If the terms were determined in advance, then it is your client’s responsibility to follow through on them. Rather than personally having to discuss the outstanding debt, a general yet effective reminder notice can be automatically sent once an invoice has become past due. Follow-up is necessary to ensure payments are made on time, but it should be done in a professional and uniformed way so that it does not offend your customer. You can also send a thank you note once payment is received, to further strength your relationship with your customer.

Your receivables are the proof of your success, but they don’t really amount to much until they have been paid. If you plan and maintain an organized and professional invoicing procedure, then you will improve your chances of being paid on time. Something as important as efficient invoicing is worth the investment!

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