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Choosing a Business Name
Tips to find a business name

If the title of this article was the name of my business you would already know what my business is all about. Having a business name that associates to the products or services you provide makes it easy for consumers to understand what your business offers. Have you ever come across a business name and wonder what they do? 

There are several tips when it comes to finding that business name, the first tip is – don’t pick a name that belongs to someone else.  When you are coming up with a business name you must ensure that no one else owns that business name.  Searching the internet for that business name is a good starting point but it does not guarantee the business name has not been registered.

Select more than one business name at least 3 possible business names, this will help you to decide or move towards a business name that will work for you.  You want a business name that will be memorable – a name that easily comes to mind to potential customers and is easy to spell.  Consumers looking for you online will have a hard time finding you if they can’t spell your business name.

Your business name should provoke a visual element – what do people envision when they say your business name?  Example – Joe’s Restaurant – what visual impact do you get?  What does the name tell besides it is a restaurant?

Another important point in selecting a business name is to choose a name that has a positive connotation to it.  You want to convey strength and reliability.  Depending on who you relate Joe to you may or may not have a good feeling about Joe’s restaurant. 

A business name should be relatively short and should fit on a business card.  Imagine your business name on a business sign, on promotional material, as a website name, etc.  What colors will you choose to use for your business name and what type of font will you use?  As you progress in selecting the promotional aspects of the business name you may find the name doesn’t work as well as you thought. 

Once the business name has been chosen you must register your business name.  If the business name has already been registered by someone else you will need to create a new business name and this is where having 3 choices ready will help you move forward without starting all over.

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