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Managing your cliens

How well do you manage your client relationships? How important is your relationship with your customers? Do you have a client relationship management system – a CRM? Do you need one?  There are several types of client relationship scenarios to consider however they all boil down to keeping your customer happy if you want them to return to do business with you.

For many face to face customer sales like retail type stores what matters most is the type of customer service your client receives.  No fancy database systems are required you don’t need to know a great deal about your client.  Although you may not need to know a lot about your client you want your client to know about your business and encourage your customer to receive information on upcoming deals you have to offer.  The great news is you don’t need a special software program to do this you just need your client’s email address and/or a facebook page.

For business to business transactions it’s not quite as simple.  A CRM – Client Relationship Management system can be used to track sales activity.  You set your clients up by some grouping protocol and you enter into the system every phone call, email, meeting, information package sent, conversations, future call times and meeting dates, and anything else you need to know about your client.  Not only can you keep track of everything that has transpired between you and your client so can your company.  It is an almost seamless process for tracking relationships with clients so anyone in the company can access the client information.

With your CRM system you can add invoicing and billing information, contract details, payment methods, contract amounts, probability of securing sales, at which stage of the sales funnel you are at and personal details like birthdays. Not all business to business relationships require this type of information.  Smaller systems like invoicing systems or financial software that include a client or accounts receivable module may be all you require.  Even a paper filing system can be used to track your client information.

Regardless of the type of client relationship system you use the service you provide your customers is the important factor in retaining your customer’s business.  Without your client’s continual support you will find all customer relationship systems cumbersome and ineffective.

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