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How the Internet is Creating More Home Based Employees
Online bookkeeping and creating invoices from home

The world of business is shifting away from the traditional office space, since more people are making the decision to work from home. Many companies are now hiring home based people to do their marketing, accounting, customer support, and IT. There are freelance websites for individuals who want to start their own business, as well as businesses who strictly hire home based employees. There seems to be an option available for almost every skill set or industry.

The benefits of working from home are priceless and they are hard to resist when the opportunity presents itself. A flexible schedule, no commute, more quality time with your family, and less stress are convincing people to change their focus to something that can give them a better work/life balance. Employees are even willing to make less money for the luxury of working inside of their home.

The internet is creating more home based employees, which seems to be benefiting everyone. Not only are the employees happy that they get to work at-home, the companies benefit because if gives them to option to hire temporary professionals on a part time basis instead of investing in a full time employee’s salary plus benefits. Businesses who are trying to reduce costs in these tough financial times are choosing freelancers at a lower rate without sacrificing on the quality of service. They also will not need to purchase any office space for that employee, which will save them even more money.

Businesses can now also manage their marketing and bookkeeping online, so it can be done from anyone’s home on a part time basis. The internet has transformed these ordinary tasks into efficient systems that can be accessed from anywhere. There are companies online where you can create an invoice, email invoice to the client, and have your account receivable list updated with the new amount all in a matter of minutes.

In many companies, existing employees can choose to work from home at a reduced salary, instead of paying the expense of commuting. They can instantly stay in touch with the main office by using phone, fax, and email. They can also use an online file sharing program, so everyone has access to the same information, regardless of their location.  The impressive quality of video conferencing allows teams to brainstorm and meet from anywhere, so there is no need to be in the same room to collaborate on a project. Most companies appreciate the cost savings and will gladly allow someone to work from home, as long as their productivity does not suffer.

The surge of mobile device use is only going to fuel the work-from-home fire. It won’t be long before traditional commercial space becomes an ancient thing of the past. The joy of being able to work while lounging in the sun with a laptop is too tempting for most people to turn down. Now that the internet has given everyone the ability to stay connected from anywhere, there is no reason to drive to the office, just to get work done.

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