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Salespeople are not born they are made through the practice of basic fundamentals.

Selling is the highest paid hard work you’ll ever do or it may be the lowest paid easy work, it all depends on you. Some advantages of being a salesperson are freedom of expression, the freedom to become as successful as you want, and every day is a challenge. Salespeople are not born they are made through the practice of basic fundamentals.

Prospecting is one fundamental required in the sales process and successful sales people prospect daily.  Prospecting is the process of finding potential customers through many means – cold calls, emails, networking, existing customers, friends, door to door, trade shows, conferences, referrals etc.  Setting time aside each day to prospect will help you stay on track, stay focused, and help you meet your sales goals.

Qualifying your prospects before spending too much time on talking to the wrong people will help you achieve success without the pain of going through the lengthy sales process only to be rejected.  Does your customer need what you are selling? Are you conversing with a decision maker? Are you asking the right questions to understand where this potential sale may be going?  If your customer needs what you have but has no authority you will have to start the selling process all over with the person who does have the authority.

Benefits – sell the benefits of the product or service not the features.  Customers purchase the benefits and will pay a higher price if the benefits warrant it so know your benefits.  Address your customers concerns or objections, there are two types of objections – valid and invalid.  A valid objection could be a customer does not require the benefits being sold – perhaps you have not mentioned a specific benefit a customer is looking for, an invalid objection may be overcome by providing more information.

Upselling – are there additional types of merchandise or services that your customer may need or be willing to purchase – things like installation services or warranties.  By suggesting other products or services you may tap into other items a customer is looking for but hasn’t asked for.

When it’s time to close the sale ask for the sale.  Sometimes customers are waiting for you to close the sale.  There are several closing techniques that can be tried.  The assumed close is just that an assumption that your client is buying, there’s a major/minor close where you may ask what delivery date is best for your client and they respond with a date, or responding to an objection and then moving into a major/minor.  There are many other types of close techniques and the one to use will depend on your customer and the signals you get from them.

To increase your sales knowledge and your selling skills there are many options to finding information on how to become better in sales.  Following the fundamental steps in sales is a proven method for many sales people in addition to creating their own personal sales style.

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